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Energy Optimisation

Energy Optimisation

Energy is a serious expense. With electricity rates forecast to significantly increase over the next decade the building user is compelled to improve the energy efficiency of their building to improve their balance sheet.

Birdsall specialise in providing the service to improve the balance sheet by optimising a building to operate energy efficiently.

Birdsall’s effective solution which incurs no capital costs is to optimise the energy using systems within the building using performance analysis technology.

A building optimisation strategy can deliver monthly and annual energy & operational savings and deliver positive contributions to the bottom line.

Birdsall’s initial task is to undertake an energy audit of the building. We carry out energy audits to ESOS EN16247-2, so it’s a proven & effective model.

Birdsall focus on optimizing the core energy consuming systems, including, HVAC, lighting and BEMS to maximise energy efficiency and reduce building costs without any capital cost investment

HVAC systems typically account for 50% of a buildings energy use with lighting accounting for a further 24%.

In a typical building the HVAC systems include:

  • Air conditioning (space cooling)
  • Heating (space heating)
  • IT cooling
  • Ventilation
  • Water heating
  • Refrigeration

 A Building Energy Management System (BEMS) can make a big difference to the efficiency of a building but two objectives must first be achieved.

First, the BEMS needs to be correctly optimised in conjunction with the optimisation of the HVAC and lighting systems.

Second, a management and analytical strategy needs to be implemented ensuring the BEMS is effectively utilised 24/7.

Once all these critical systems are fully optimised a building management strategy can be implemented.