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Energy & Building Services Optimisation

Optimising the core energy consuming systems in a building can achieve immediate results by improving energy efficiency.

Typically, 75% of a buildings energy is used to power lighting, air conditioning, cooling, heating & hot water services.

These are the services Birdsall focus on to reduce wasting energy and costs.

This Optimisation service is delivered in two stages.

In the first stage we optimise each system and effectively recommission so that the plant is working as intended and the building operations are set to suit the user’s current  requirements.

In the second stage we implement an ongoing Building Optimisation System operated by the our Energy Bureau. This is a 24/7 system that ensures the building operates as per design eliminating waste and cost.

The Bottom Line

Energy prices have increased substantially during this decade, (and the forecast is they will continue to do so). Improvements to a buildings energy efficiency will go straight to the bottom line, year on year.

Building Optimisation can achieve immediate results. The ongoing service will ensure energy savings are achieved month by month, and all going to the bottom line.

In addition, there would typically be a reduction in breakdown & repair costs as a result of the proactive performance monitoring service. This will add further savings.

For longer term contributions to the bottom line Birdsall would provide an energy investment plan which comes with a detailed payback programme.

Building Performance

When the core building services have been optimised by employing new revolutionary analytical system, the building users would see improvements in the building’s performance.

The air conditioning & heating systems would be operating more efficiently, breakdowns and downtime would be greatly reduced. 

The IT cooling systems would be operating more efficiently and the risk of downtime significantly reduced.

The lighting would meet the actual requirements of the users with energy costs noticeably reduced.

We would expect building user satisfaction continue to increase.